Liam Lewis

Liam Lewis


As a Modern Energist, I offer guidance in transforming your energy system for profound clarity, personal growth, and rediscovery of inner joy.ย  It IS my mission is to nurture a community of empowered individuals through the transformative practices of Modern Energy.

Credentials and Focus:

My focus is to teach others these set of tools to enable you to feel better in a flash.
As a dedicated member of the Guild of Energists since 2020, I've pursued extensive qualifications within the GoE. My expertise lies in empowering others through the following certifications:

When chronic illness rears its head and all seems so lost.ย  It's time to set the record straight. Try changing the track of your old neural pathways.ย  Light up your future and who you want to be.ย 

Let the whole world see you shine.ย  Because you are so deserving of all the radiat glory of each and every moment.

We are all but a faction of light, love, joy, everlasting ecstasy. I know, though, it seems hard, unreal, a disconnected concept.

I am here to hold space through the highs and lows.

Additionally, I am available to create bespoke Modern Energy trainings and support, tailored to your specific needs.
Please reach out to schedule an appointment.

I extend a warm welcome and express an eager anticipation for our future connection.



Liam Lewis is a GoE Trainer, so is qualified to teach many of these qualifications:

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